Become a Dogland Sponsor

Meet Your Dog Sponsoring Program

We know a lot of people they love our dogs but can’t adopt right now. You can help us to help them by sponsoring one of those waiting to be adopted.

Sponsorships help all pets who come to us by offsetting the costs of providing food, shelter, spay/neuter surgery and veterinary care. Since we do not charge any adoption fees, we rely heavily on private donations to make sure every animal receives proper care.

Many of our rescued dogs need special care or other extensive medical treatment, or need extra time to recover from neglect or abuse. Others just don’t seem to have any luck with potential adopters, simply because they are shy or too “plain looking”-even though they are the sweetest most lovable companion imaginable!

For all of these reasons, we have created the Dog Sponsoring Program, which allows you to donate on behalf of a specific dog.

How does it work?

You can sponsor a dog that has touched your heart with a one-time, monthly or annual donation.  Your name will then appear on our webpage as a sponsor. Your sponsorship may remain anonymous if you prefer. A sponsorship also makes a great gift to those animal-lovers in your life. With your sponsorship you will a part of helping an unwanted dog, and if adopted you can know just how wonderful it feels to know you have helped.

You can choose a dog from the page “Meet Your Dog” and become a one time donor or a long term sponsor.

Please help us with a monthly donation of US$10 for a small, US$15 for a middle size dog and US$ 20 for a big dog. A higher amount is always very welcome!

You can send a check to

Association Elena – dogs they found me
Apartado 191
CR-4250 San Ramón
Costa Rica

or you can pay with PayPal (to the account of Helene WIRT)

Donation Options
Option 1 : $50.00USD – monthly Option 2 : $20.00USD – monthly Option 3 : $10.00USD – monthly Option 4 : $5.00USD – monthly

Your donation will be shown in our BLOG


When you live in Costa Rica you can send the money you want to pay for “your” dog to our account in Banco Popular:

Banco Popular – the account number is: (001-015-0000-0) 151021169
when you pay direct in Banco Popular

You can also pay from another Bank in Costa Rica to our account in Banco Popular using SINPE:

In this case the account number is 16101001510211692 – Banco Popular

ASOCIACION ELENA – perros que me encontraron

Cedula No. 3-002-589199


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