Dogland Adoptions / Happy Endings

of Mollys babies with Louise and Chris

Cesar alias ELVIS with Angelina and Steve

CLOEY with Laura, Ana and Henry

Erica alias GINGER with Mae

Suzie alias HAPPY segunda with Jorge

Osa alias YAZMIN with Shannon

FABIANA with Kimberly in Palmares

Brian alias DIEGO with Mariana  

GABI with Hellen and David

Gloria alias PANDA with Kundy and Prospero

Alex alias PACO with Cameron and family

alias LUNA with Adriana

Beatrice alias BETTY with Helga and Martin

Carlita alias FOOSA with Angelina and Steve

Baby with Mayra and Henry

FROLANA with Caitlyn and Luis Oswaldo

Auxilia alias ZUMA with Angelina and Steve

TARA with her new parents Linda and Scott

FAY with Kasie and her family

HENRY with Morgan and her family

ZIMTI with John and Inzyd in San Antonio de Belén                                LUKY with Marleny in La Guaria de San Ramón

FRANCINI with Sofia,Martín,Jimena in Moravia                          Grettel-TARA with Maria Fernanda in San José

COOKIE with Diana and Jose in Heredia                                MORITZ with Fiona and her family in Toronto, Canada

FRANNY in her new home with Nidia in San José PAULA-TANK with her new mother Dee Murphy

Alvaro – KONA with his new family Stephanie and Jim


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