About Dogland, Meet Your Dog, & the Association Helene

“Dogland” & “Meet Your Dog” were created by Helene Wirt and her non profit organization “Asociacion Elena – Perros que ME encontraron“. The translation in English means literally “Association Helene – Dogs They Found Me

And dogs HAVE found her!

Dogland is exactly what it sounds like, a place where the unwanted, neglected, homeless, the sick, young or old, any dog in need can find love here in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Shelter looks like a small dog city or town, wide open spaces, small houses, not the typical dog house you might think, dot the landscape. The view the residents have from their dog city is amazing as is the creator of this magical place.

Helene is one of the most remarkable woman I have ever met, to know her is an honor, to be involved with her vision, a privelage, and what beautiful vision she has.

Dogland Shelter currently holds 160 dogs. We are involved with numerous adoptions every year, spay and neutering programs, education & outreach programs, and now Helene’s new Dog Sponsorship Program, Meet Your Dog.

To address the problem of the estimated 1,000,000 street dogs here in Costa Rica is no easy task (yes thats ONE MILLION!) , but with people like Helene in country, and her supporters, many have a chance that was not available before.

Stop by our website for more information – DOGLAND – COSTA RICA DOG SHELTER


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